About us

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We are an  expanding medium-sized German service business headquartered at  Neuenstadt and specialized in the fields of cable packaging and circuit  board assembly.

Since 1989 Satronik has offered you standard as well as custom solutions for cable packaging, board assembly, and equipment assembly works.

Our subsidiary Czechelec was set up in 1995. The production facility under German management is located in Jihlava /  Czech Republic with approx. 42 skilled, competent, and motivated  employees and a production area of approx. 2,600 sq m.

With our  effective continuous quality control we guarantee a permanent high  quality level. We are certified under the quality assurance system CSN EN ISO 9001:2009. Through this our system  will become, in the interest of our customers, still more professional.


Herzog-Friedrich-Str. 27
D-74196 Neuenstadt a.K.
Fon: +49 71 39 61 23
Fax: +49 71 39 22 39
E-Mail: info@satronik.de


Tschechische Republik

Hruskove Dvory 49
58601 Jihlava
Fon: +420 56 72 10 065
Fax: +420 56 72 30 497
E-Mail: ulrich.sallmann@czechelec.cz