Quality Management

We want satisfied customers with lasting confidence.

Therefore our performance is guided by quality awareness in every respect.

It is our aim and standard to offer products and services of excellent quality and to fulfil our customer´s expectations and wishes, taking into account economic aspects.

Our customers are our partners and this relationship is intensified by technical competence, innovation, flexibility, problem-solving potential and schedule effectiveness towards the companies and their employees.

An essential part of our business philosophy is the continuous improvement process. This principle is guiding our whole business.

The creation of positive changes and their efficiency review as well as the prevention of non-conformance is supported by an active quality assurance system.

The optimum customer service of Satronik starts already, when we define with our customer´s together the product specifications and development.

Our employees get specific training, quality instructions and qualifications suited to the respective requirements and standards.

With effective ultra-modern electronic inspection processes and modern technical equipment as well as light, optimum laid-out workplaces we make it easier for our employees to meet the customer´s wishes and guarantee the conforming quality of our products.

You see you are in good hands.

Conservation of the environment:

This has been a matter of concern of Satronik for a long time.

  • Keeping of environmental laws and regulations
  • Sparing use of our natural resources
  • Reduction of pollution

General improvement in the environmental conservation is in accord with our quality and economic targets. Consistently we developed our management system. A further step in the continuous improvement of our business performance.

Technical competence and problem solving

The development of electronics requires a high innovative potential to meet the customer´s needs. This is one of our most important tasks.

We are your competent partner from the development to the completed product and we always stand by your side with our knowledge and experience from more than 25 years.

Proper consulting service for our customers is of great importance to us, for that our competent employees are personally at your disposal at any time.

Small batches as well as large batches are specifically suited to your needs.

Successful cooperation with renowned companies based on years of experience means to Satronik both confidence and obligation.

Flexibility, rapidity and schedule effectiveness

The short lines of decision in our business make it possible for us to ensure a maximum of flexibility and rapidity and to put customer´s wishes into action to schedule.


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Tschechische Republik

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